4. The domain of people is the ground

Salamanca Place - Salamanca, Hobart, TAS, AUSImage: how often do we meet our friends for dinner and the first this we say is "you wouldn't believe how far away I had to park!".  The places we like are generally not dominated by parking – we don't meet for dinner in a Westfield Shopping Centre!  So why do design places now which put cars before people?

Many of us come to know cities or towns through the use of the private car. However, decisions which affect the form and function of cities and towns must be related to the pedestrian experience. After all, this is how we interact with the city and each other.

"Any place worth its salt has a parking problem"

James Castle

Other Principles:

  1. The city is a public place
  2. Permanent residents should have priority
  3. Urban Manners
  4. The domain of people is the ground
  5. Landowner’s rights and responsibilities
  6. The city/ town is a market place
  7. The built environment is meaningful and communicates
  8. Synergy

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