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Manual CoverIt provides a uniquely Australian reference and guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. It explains the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes. Information is provided on over 30 tools which can be used in the process of Place Creation.   

Featuring 145 photos of Australian and International places to reinforce key outcomes of each section. It also includes drawings, tables, Australian and International case studies and eight book reviews. This manual has benefited from extensive research with 63 sources referenced.

The manual includes short answer questions to reinforce learning as well as a complimentary copy of the 20 page Place Check document.

Placefocus Manual - Digital Edition

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"Manual is a valuable reference document" Mark Burton, Melbourne.

"Course reference manual is  invaluable. It covers current best practice urban design thoroughly with many case study examples to demonstrate"Daniel Herrmann, Melbourne. 

"The manual is a great resource that will get used, rather than sitting on the bookshelf". Jo Jensen, Brisbane. '

"Awesome resources of local materials/examples."  Alyssa Cameron, Noosa.

"Large range of resources and tools that will be extremely useful in current and future work". Jodie Isle, Adelaide


"The manual is a comprehensive, user friendly reference and introductory guide which is a valuable starting point for the broadest cross section of our community from the layman in “demystifying” design to those who shape our environments (no matter how seemingly modest) and who need a reminder of the importance of responsible design and decision making.

I commend this module to all people who wish to improve the quality of our urban places."

Philip Follent LFRAIA
Founding Head of Soheil Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University
Queensland Government Architect 2008 to 2011
Chair of Board of Urban Places
Member of the Queensland Design Council

More Details

  1. Urban Design 101: introduces urban design and placemaking by discussing the differences, confirming our shared focus on form and social fabric, and providing clarity on urban design leadership.
  2. Place Principles: a broader context is required when working on cities. As with any human endeavour, our mind set towards our urban environment affects not only our approach but also the results. While this workbook will present concepts, principles and practices which are important, the most critical aspect is how we think of the city.
  3. Place Qualities: most of the cherished and highly valued places in Australia, as well as other parts of the world, share key characteristics or 'Place Qualities'.
  4. Place Typology: The place qualities we appreciate rely on planning and design outcomes at a whole continuum of scale from the building, street and the neighbourhood all the way through to the city and region. We call these ‘Place Typologies’.
  5. Place Process: urban design is about creating a vision for an area and then deploying the skills and resources to realise the vision. This is what we refer to as 'Place Creation'.
  6. Place Roles: explores who delivers deliver the places we like and assist in understanding the process.
  7. Place Tools: outlines the tools utilised in the process of urban design. Used effectively, they can deliver the high quality urban environment that people are increasingly demanding.
  8. Place Outcomes: when we provide, support and foster the characteristics of quality places there are flow on effects for our community.
  9. Best practice, news + journals: additional information not covered in the sections of the manual.



Before you buy preview the first ten pages of the manual by clicking here (6 mb)

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