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Does this dramatic video demonstrate the difference between placemaking and urban design?

Enlivening Public_SpacesEnlivening Public_Spaces

Image: a screen capture shows a lovely square in Belgium (or so I'm told).

Posted by: Andrew Hammonds

Thanks to: Trevor Fitzpatrick +

From the photo it provides many of the qualities of successful places - CharacterDiversityFit & functionAnimatorsContinuity and enclosureConsistency & varietyQuality of the public realm

The simplicity of the public realm (the street and sqaure) enables the drama (Social Fabric) to unfold. 

Be brave - click the red button. 


As discussed in Urban Design 101, good urban design understands that the physical form of a space is the canvas for a bigger picture. What makes a place truly successful is the drama of the interaction, activities, events and festivals which attract and engage people. 

This 'Social Fabric' doesn't always happen by accident, requiring the development and implementation of strategies which respond to the development brief which support the masterplan and vision. While the masterplan might deliver hard infrastructure, the focus here is the social, community and cultural components.

PS - is anyone else interested in doing street theatre (perhaps not as grand as this) in Brisbane?

Friday 16 May, 2012

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