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Are you or your organisation involved in the design, development and implementation of community places?

Do you or your staff want to upskill on urban design and placemaking skills?

Are you seeking information that has relevance and reference to Australian cities and towns?

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For these concerns and more, Placefocus can help.  Our training and tools help:

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The 195 page Placefocus manual provides a uniquely Australian reference and guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. It explains the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes.

Placefocus Urban Design and Placemaking Manual

"The manual is a comprehensive, user friendly reference and introductory guide which is a valuable starting point for the broadest cross section of our community from the layman in “demystifying” design to those who shape our environments (no matter how seemingly modest) and who need a reminder of the importance of responsible design and decision making.

I commend this module to all people who wish to improve the quality of our urban places."

Philip Follent LFRAIA
Founding Head of Soheil Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University
Queensland Government Architect 2008 to 2011
Chair of Board of Urban Places
Member of the Queensland Design Council 

Online Course


Invest in our 4 week online course - efficient and interactive, available anywhere and anytime.  A self paced learning experience the Placefocus online course includes group discussion forums, video presentation, Australian references and best practice tools.

This 4 week module module has been prepared for all who participate in the creation, design and management of the urban environment. For those at the forefront it will be a refresher of fundamentals. To those on the periphery, the Placefocus course will assist in understanding the qualities of urban design, which we often respond to but find difficult to articulate and identify.

Placefocus online course introduction to placemaking and urban design.

“Anyone involved in placemaking would gain benefit. Very relevant and useful.” Gary Arnold. Melbourne, March 2010.

Training for your Team


Does your team need a common urban design and placemaking platform?

Place Creation is our 2 day in-house training workshop. Our signature Placefocus course it will empower colleagues to share knowledge and transfer practice into their roles. A dynamic learning experience containing Australian case studies and references, and also generates Place Proposals.

Placefocus Place creation 2 day training in urban design and placemaking

“Eye opening, braining opening and heart opening experiences”

Paul Bishop (Councillor) Redland Bay

"I found it important that there was a cross section of our Council attending your course. As you clearly insisted, the best examples of placemaking models are the outcome of a democratic process in which we exercise our dis-ability to listen. In this sense I was equally surprised to acknowledge that the “voices and views” of my colleagues had found a way of entering my essay of the Mall. So thank you Andrew! Your course did have an impact on me!" 

Elio Gatti, Gosford City Council In-House Course, June 2012.



Subscribe to the Placefocus e-news, PlacePost, for regular pdates on the latest urban design and placemaking news here in Australia and overseas.

Placefocus PlacePost e-news 

“It's a great snapshot of best practice and news from Australia and around the world”

John O'Callaghan, JOC Consulting





Do you want to grow your skill set to enhance job opportunities?

Looking to improve your understanding of urban design and capacity to relate with clients?

Placefocus can help you with training eligible for CPD points, and skills and tools to equip you in any job.

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