A guide to Urban Design and Placemaking

Placefocus helps you unlock the potential of your streets and places. 

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We provide you with the tools, techniques and skills to convert urban spaces into places and ultimately destinations. We call these tools and techniques "place skills". We believe that anyone can learn and apply them successfully to make the very most of the places you are creating.

We offer authoritative, well-researched, easily-understood placemaking and urban design information, presented in formats that you'll find highly accessible and cost-effective. To this end, our material is instantly available online, our community is accessible throughout the world, and we have coaches able to help you with your place making, wherever you are and at whatever time suits you.

  • Placemaking 101introduces placemaking and urban design, its scope and role in the creation and management of the built environment; 
  • Place Values: outlines the fundamental principles for cities and towns which underpin placemaking and urban design; 
  • Qualities of P.L.A.C.E.S: identifies the key qualities in the places we like; 
  • Place typology: explains urban design and placemaking from the region down to the street and the building;
  • Place process: place creation from aspiration to context, design, delivery and management;
  • Place roles: key roles in making quality urban places;
  • Place tools: discusses the various processes, strategies, techniques and tools available to planners to participate in the creation of good urban places; and
  • Place outcomes: what we get from good urban design  and placemaking;
  • Place gallery: urban design and placemaking images;
  • Place links: sources of additional information;
  • My favourite place: a snapshot of the good examples of urban design and placemaking; and
  • Expert Interviews: watch what others have to say about urban design and placmaking.


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