Activity and end result

Caraway St, Kelvin Grove Urban Village - Brisbane, QLD, AUSCaraway St, Kelvin Grove Urban Village - Brisbane, QLD, AUS

Image: a ‘master planned’ new development by the public sector – process and outcome. The linear park in KGUV looked good on plan, but may be missing a clear function. Could be a really good playground or skate park, or performance space?


“Urban design seeks to ensure that the (design of) buildings, places, spaces and networks that make up our towns and cities, work for all of us, both now and in the future." 

 NZ Urban Design Protocol (Ministry for the Environment, 2005, p. 5)



When referring to urban design, we need to be aware of the ‘sense of the expression’. Think of urban design as a verb and a noun - an activity and an end result.

It is the outcome of a process (noun) that is often referred to as design. For many people Federation Square in Melbourne is a good example of contemporary urban design. For more information refer to Place Qualities and Place Process.

More information is available on urban design and placemaking:


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