Placefocus Courses

Placefocus provides a range of opportunities to further your education and understanding of placemaking and urban design. 

We offer flexible, tailored options to suit your current employment and time restrictions.  

Fast track your application of placemaking with one our packages:

Place Creation Course - 2 Day Training

Our in-house training course delivers a holistic introduction to best practic placemaking and urban design, tailored to your business and region.  This 2-day course provides a solid platform for delivery of urban design and placemaking, aligning our learnings with organisational goals.  

This cost effective model enables course participants to share experiences and, ultimately, transfer knowledge immediately back into their working roles.  Find out more!

4 Week Online Course

The Placefocus online course is an efficient and interactive training option to fast track an understanding of placemaking and urban design.  Available anywhere and anytime, the online course incorporates video presentation, expert interviews, best practice examples, and online activities and assessment.

This course is a great alternative for those unable to attend a Place Creation course.  Find out more!

Place Immersion Course

Our latest training option, the Place Immersion Course, is a public course providing introduction to placemaking and urban design, workshop activities and study tour. 

Over 3 days the Place Immersion course provides  'place skills' which can make the most of the places you influence.  Find out more!


What our customers and students say...

“Thanks you for your hard work and patience. I enjoyed the course and feel that the information provided is and will be most useful” Danny Wiggins, online August 2010

“The unit structure is like a silver bullet to urban design problems and challenges“ Scott Riley, Brisbane, May 2010

"I manage a unit carrying out $25-30m of urban design improvements per annum and this unit was very helpful" Peter Monks, Perth, September, 2010

“The course reinforces the importance and value of good urban design that in one way or another we are all participants in”. Neil Savery, Canberra, November 2010.

“I am a local government planner who has struggled with urban design. I came away with a much better understanding of urban design and access to a huge range of information and tools”. Heath Martin, Toowoomba May 2011

“I have done three postgraduate degrees and come across many lecturers...but I can tell you that you are one of the most passionate teachers” Vige Satkunarajah, On-line, August 2010


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