Training for Institutes or Associations

Are your members seeking training on urban design and placemaking? Generate income for your organisation at the same time.

Training Course Lunch - River Quay South Bank Brisbane QLD AUSTraining Course Lunch - River Quay South Bank Brisbane QLD AUS

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Host one of our courses and invite members from your organisation to cover your costs. This could also help to align your organisational goals with your members. 

This model assumes a ‘organisation’ would organise the venue and catering and share the costs amongst the participants. The host would act as the client and pay our invoice. We minimise your risk by not committing unless you have the numbers required. We would be happy to help with marketing. 

For example - allow a budget of $20,000 for our Place Creation two day course, venue, catering and equipment. You charge 30 participants $1,000 to attend (the amount is up to you) with the following benefits:

  • a saving of $750 (our Place Immersion is $1,750 per person);
  • shared learning within your membership;
  • opportunity to network; and
  • improves viability of course - particularly relevant for regional areas.

This enables your organisation to generate $10,000 to cover your admin costs and further support your members.. 

”Andrew spoke at our recent Placemaking conference , he was easy to work with and knew his subject well."
Paula Rowntree UDIA QLD, Brisbane 25 July 2012

1. Place Creation: two day "in-house" corporate course

Our most popular course is ideal for teams seeking an intense platform for delivery of urban design and placemaking. We align learning (amongst colleagues) with organisational goals. This cost effective model (from $200/person) enables participants to share experiences. Ultimately, transferring knowledge immediately back into their working roles. 

"Well presented, passionate, enthusiastic and enjoyable" Ron Piper, Project Director - Urban Development at Sunshine Coast Regional Council, One Day course for UDIA, Brisbane 2012

2. Place Launchpad: 2-3 hour training and workshop

Targeted training and workshop on placemaking and urban design. Presentations, analysis, walking tour and group work generates ideas and applies these to projects and places. Feedback from participants in this Launchpad module includes:

  • Recommended: challenges thinking and paradigms;
  • Eye opening: shows the possibilities for places in our own area;
  • Applicable: relevant for day to day decisions;
  • Engaging: great use of multi-media, humour and local examples; and
  • Awesome: the reason I put my hand up for Council was to achieve change and this gave me hope that I can achieve it.

3. Online learning for your team

Online learning is idea for teams which can't afford to have the whole team away from work or the travel costs of our public course. We include free weekly webinars for organisations who have three or more participants undertaking the same online course. We join your team's weekly meeting and present the course notes, facilitate discussion and answer questions.We offer a four week online course - efficient and interactive training which is available anywhere and anytime   A self paced and interactive learning experience. $599.00 per person ex GST

"Andrew spent a lot of time being available to answer questions online and provide interesting information." Dianne Cowen, Planner, Online June 2012.

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