Online training for your team

Your team can't all afford to be away from work or the travel costs of our two day course in Urban Design and Placemaking?


Online learning

$599.00 per person ex GST

We offer a four week online course - efficient and interactive training which is available anywhere and anytime  A leading edge, self paced learning experience - group blog and chat room, video presentation, video clips, expert interviews, stimulating images, best practice examples, field study, mental maps... A self paced and interactive learning experience.

"Making online courses informative and interactive is tough and Andrew has succeeded in doing that." Harkirat Singh, online July 2012.

You want shared learning within your organisation online?

We include free weekly webinars for organisations who have three or more participants undertaking the same online course. We join your team's weekly meeting and present the course notes, facilitate discussion and answer questions. 

Please contact Andrew Hammonds directly for more information:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is your team seeking an intense platform for delivery of urban design and placemaking? Consider Two day "in-house" corporate training course.

You want to embed Placemaking and and Urban Design into your organisation? Consider Placefocus Embed.


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