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Fast track application of urban design and placemaking - 

We offer on-line courses available anytime, anywhere as well as 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day corporate and public courses; e-workbooks and 195 page manual...

shop-manualYou want a manual which you can hold and write in?

Purchase our comprehensive 195-page manual (already in it's second revision) which will provide principles, qualities, process and tools of good urban design and place-making.  This is an uniquely Australian guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. The manual focuses on the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes.

"The manual is a great resource that will get used, rather than sitting on the bookshelf." Jo Jensen, Dept Infrastructure and Planning, Brisbane, March, 2011

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You want a cost effective model which enables people in your team at work to share knowledge and transfer practice immediately back into their roles.

Choose from the half day, one day or our popular two day in-house course to enable shared learning amongst colleagues within your organisation.  These in-house training courses are customised to meet your training needs.  They provide a dynamic learning experience which aligns to your organisational goals. Download brochure.

Placefocus Training Courses

You want to refresh your training, stay relevant with current thinking and build your network?

Our popular two day public courses adds to your skills set with urban design tools and application. This introductory module enables you to create and promote quality places. Our dynamic learning experience - individual and group work, video clips, expert interviews, stimulating images, best practice examples, field study, mental maps... meets the range of learning styles. This module has been given 48 times around Australia by Placefocus over the last two years. It's success is demonstrated by the on-going high attendance, positive feedback and the requests for additional courses. Download brochure.

“A course where you actually wanted more - this ones for you!” Peter MacDonald, Noosa, June 2011


You want to learn more but can't afford time away from work?

We offer an eight week online course - efficient and interactive training which is available anywhere and anytime.  A leading edge, self paced learning experience - group blog and chat room, video presentation, video clips, expert interviews, stimulating images, best practice examples, field study, mental maps........ 

“Thanks you for your hard work and patience. I enjoyed the course and feel that the information provided is and will be most useful” Danny Wiggins, online August 2010

Urban Design + Placemaking 101 e-workbook

You want targeted information on urban design and placemaking?

We offer E-Workbooks - bite sized chucks of interactive urban design and placemaking learning - Urban Design + Placemaking 101; Place Principles; Place Qualities; Place Roles; Place Tools; and Place Outcomes. They range from 15 to 30 pages of information, references and links which you can read at you leisure. Each E-workbook is interactive with our website and tests a mix of content and reflective questions. 

“Very thorough, packed full of information, highly interesting”. Stewart Payne, Noosa, June 2011.


You want to purchase the books that we reference on our website and in the manual?

We are building a library of books availablefor purchase soon.



 You want to get in the heads of existing and future clients?

Purchase DVD quality interviews of people who procure urban design. Rather than simply taking our word on urban design and placemaking, we have interviewed leading experts. 

“The tour of our favourite places and the interviews worked really well” Paul Lucy, Brisbane August 2010


Looking for quotes and references form the experts?

We are currently producing transcripts of our expert interviews - available soon. 

  1. Clive Alcock (Planner) - Principal, Alcock Anan, Sydney
  2. Richard Brecknock (Cultural Planner) - Director, Brecknock Consulting, Adelaide
  3. Steve Burgess (Engineer)  – Principal Consultant and Engineer, MR Cagney, Brisbane
  4. Bill Chandler (Architect/Planner)- Director of Chandler Consulting Services Pty Ltd, Melbourne
  5. Deborah Dearing (Architect) , National Manager for Strategic Urban Planning Stockland, Sydney
  6. Kevin Doodney (Real Estate) – Principal, LJ Hooker Land Marketing, Brisbane
  7. Mark Doonar (Planner) - ex Director, Tract, Brisbane
  8. David Eades (Valuer/Urban Economist) - Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  9. Paul Eagles (Engineer/Planner) - CEO. Urban Land Development Authority, Brisbane
  10. Peter Jensen (Planner) - Director, Jensen Planning and Design, Adelaide
  11. Chris Melsom (Architect/Planner) - Principal, HASSELL, Perth
  12. Peter Monks (Planner) - Director Planning & Development City of Perth
  13. Peter Richards (Architect) - Director Deicke RIchards, Brisbane
  14. Tony Vella (Surveyor) - Senior Consultant, Downes Survey Group, Nambour, QLD
  15. Neil Savery (Planner) - Chief Planning Executive for the ACT Planning & Land Authority, Canberra
  16. Caroline Stalker (Architect) - Director at Architectus, Brisbane
  17. Malcolm Snow (Planner/Landscape Architect) - CEO, Southbank, Brisbane
  18. Kevin Taylor (Landscape Architect) - Principal, Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Adelaide
  19. Leigh Woolley (Architect) - Architect + Urban Design Consultant, Hobart


What our customers say...

“The unit structure is like a silver bullet to urban design problems and challenges“ Scott Riley, Brisbane, May 2010

"I manage a unit carrying out $25-30m of urban design improvements per annum and this unit was very helpful" Peter Monks, Perth, September, 2010

“The course reinforces the importance and value of good urban design that in one way or another we are all participants in”. Neil Savery, Canberra, November 2010.

“I am a local government planner who has struggled with urban design.  I came away with a much better understanding of urban design and access to a huge range of information and tools”. Heath Martin, Toowoomba May 2011

“Andrew is a gifted teacher. The most comprehensive yet concise and interesting presentation of a planning topic I have received”. Greg New, Sydney March 2011

“I recommend this course – practical and fun” Dy Currie, Brisbane, May 2010

“I have done three postgraduate degrees and come across many lecturers...but I can tell you that you are one of the most passionate teachers” Vige Satkunarajah, On-line, August 2010

“The urban design unit was a concise course that articulated a common sense approach to place making and urban design using practical tools, examples and interviews with experts.” Murray Casselton, Perth March 2011

“Manual will be valuable reference document” Mark Burton, Melbourne June 2010

“Should be compulsory for all design professionals“ Katharina Nieberler-Walker, Brisbane May 2010 

More feedback from our customers...


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