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You want to embed Placemaking and Urban Design into your organisation? 

Place Proposals Prep Geelong Victoria AUSEnable and empower your team to deliver authentic, sustainable and quality places across the range of urban environments.

Call Andrew Hammonds on (+617) 3102 1976 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Place Embed provides competitive advantage by building capacity - organisationally. For public sector agencies it can assist in the delivery of government outcomes. For businesses this can enhance market position.  

Placefocus EmbedWe work within your organisation to:

  1. confirm the importance of urban design and place making to the organisation;
  2. assess organisation performance and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement;
  3. establish priorities and provide a critical action plan to improve organisation performance; and
  4. implement strategy and measure outcomes.

Placefocus provides access to the following tools and techniques:

  • interactive workshops – analysis, ideas, opportunities;
  • diagnostic surveys;
  • online resource of information at;
  • customised training on urban design and placemaking;
  • peer review of submissions and reports; and
  • mentoring and coaching.

Start with our one day Place Launchpad from $5,600 - a one day selection of topics from Place Creation combined with targeted workshop sessions. Equating to $308 per person for 30 participants, it can also generate information for a “Team Charter

Is your team seeking an intense platform for delivery of urban design and placemaking? Consider Place Immersion

Your team can't all afford to be away from work or the travel costs of our two day course in Urban Design and Placemaking? Consider Online learning for your team.

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