Place Platform: from project to place workshop

We bring the client and the consultant team together to create a platform for place success. Efficiently and effectively.

Place Proposal Pin-up, Albury Place Creation, NSW, AUSPlace Proposal Pin-up, Albury Place Creation, NSW, AUS

We enable you to transition from project led to place led. By combining targeted facilitation, with theory of Placemaking and urban design, we show how clients, stakeholders and consultants can all contribute to the solution.

"Nice wake up call to how much I am actually doing in my job. I am seeing place making opportunities everywhere I look"  Kirsty Crowe, Townsville.

We enable you to:

  • Appreciate perspectives
  • Clarify expectations
  • Establish a common project framework
  • Identify preliminary aspirations
  • Establish key success factors
  • Produce ‘place proposals’
  • Establish a common language or vocabulary
  • Appreciate the benefits on long term strategy, planning and design
  • Indentify short-term wins – ‘what we can do tomorrow’
  • Develop actions for consultants, council and stakeholders to consider

“Very enjoyable, comfortable and interactive course full of personal anecdotes and quirky prompts that really help to get messages across”  Alison Davidson. Gosford City Council.

Practical and Useful

Place Proposal Prep, Place Creation, Gosford, NSW, AUSPlace Proposal Prep, Place Creation, Gosford, NSW, AUSWorkshop outcomes include:

  • Place aspirations
  • Place audit and analysis
  • Place role identification
  • Success factors confirmed
  • Process clarified
  • Place proposals produced

"Lots of information and future references. Group work, visual displays great. Andrew was very knowledgeable and extremely engaging and enthusiastic”  Rebecca Freeman, Adelaide.

From $5,600 (ex GST) - $187 per person. Delivered ‘in-house’ to save on travel costs. Includes:

  • Facilitator costs - travel and accommodation
  • Copy of comprehensive 176 page manual (PDF)
  • Post course summary and feedback to client
  • Teleconference prior to training to customize unit

Share costs among internal and external participants

Call Andrew direct on (+617) 3102 1976 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Place Proposal Preparation, Sime Darby, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPlace Proposal Preparation, Sime Darby, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaTargeted to motivate the implementation of ideas into practice. A focus on ‘what can we do tomorrow’.


A dynamic experience – presentation, working examples, individual and group work; theory and application, discussion...

Well presented. Tried to engage in interactive discussion at every opportunity” Simon Temple, Principal Planner , Melton Shire Council

Hands On

During the workshop we apply theory and content to your places – including a walking tour. This analysis enables Place Proposals to be prepared and presented.

“Great photos/real examples. Working on place proposals broke up the theory” Lisa Blanford, City of Lake Macquarie.

Effective + Efficient

  • Stakeholder endorsement
  • Cost effective
  • Transparent problem identification
  • Take-home ideas
  • Creative ideas
  • National best practice
  • Shared decisions
  • Effective solutions

Ongoing Support

We also include online support via which provides access to learning through over 600 articles, business directory, jobs, tenders, expert interviews, newsletter, forums and blogs on urban design.


 “Within minutes of starting the course, you realise you'll be in for a rollicking roller-coaster ride, covering all points of contemporary urban design and placemaking thinking”. Peter Ciemitis, Artist + Urban Designer, Roberts Day, Perth

Place Proposals

Broadmeadows Proposal - Hume City Council, VIC, AUSBroadmeadows Proposal - Hume City Council, VIC, AUSSeeking added value? What about design proposals for your place as part of our course?

We have successfully integrated local case studies into the course. Participants combine pre-work with exercises to produce a proposal for a local place during the course. These real life examples support implementation of learning outcomes back in the office and saves you time and money!

More information: Create a Place Proposal in two days

"Great photos/real examples. Working on place proposals broke up the theory” Lisa Blanford, City of Lake Macquarie.


  • Either half day, or one day formatPlace Proposal Presentation, Perth, WA, AUSPlace Proposal Presentation, Perth, WA, AUS
  • Up front to set the platform
  • Format agreed by client
  • Up to 30 participants
  • Client representatives
  • Consultant team
  • Stakeholder representatives
  • In-house, venue and catering provided by Client
  • 25% mobilisation fee due at client acceptance.

Want to customise the course?

We happy to work with clients to focus the course on their needs and requirements. This works particularly well when a client representative has completed our Introduction to Placemaking and urban design course, possibly online.

Call Andrew direct on (+617) 3102 1976 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop Details

Walking Tour - Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, AUSWalking Tour - Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC, AUSThe course is a dynamic learning experience which includes individual and group work, video clips, expert interviews, stimulating images, best practice examples, field study and mental maps. Topics covered include:

1. Urban Design + Placemaking 101
2. Place Principles
3. Place Qualities
4. Place Typology
5. Place Process
6. Place Roles
7. Place Tools
8. Place Outcomes
9. Best practice, news + journals

Our structured courses (with manual, assessment and significant interaction between presenter and learner) complies with most Institute continuing professional development criteria. 


  • Certificate of Participation


Place Proposals Prep, Geelong, Victoria, AUSPlace Proposals Prep, Geelong, Victoria, AUSWhile we share our comprehensive knowledge and experience in urban design and placemaking we also stimulate discussion among course participants - encouraging them to contribute their ideas.  Client's have appreciated their team members talking about urban design, which reinforces its multi-disciplinary nature and contributes to networks within their organisation. 

  • Urban planners, architects, landscape architects
  • Engineers – traffic, transport, civil, etc
  • Councillors
  • Place managers
  • Property and Facility managers
  • Project managers
  • Surveyors, quantity surveyors, valuers, urban economists
  • Development managers
  • Social planners, community development planners
  • Public art curators
  • Urban and regional policy makers 

"I found it important that there was a cross section of our Council attending your course - as you clearly insisted. In this sense I was equally surprised to acknowledge that the “voices and views” of my colleagues had found a way of entering my essay of the Mall. So thank you Andrew! Your course did have an impact on me!" Elio Gatti, Gosford City Council, June 2012


Andrew HammondsAndrew HammondsRather than being paid to consult - we enable people to deliver. We combine facilitation with experience + training.

Andrew Hammonds:

Founder of Placefocus;

  • Principal of AKH Consulting;
  • Ex-Principal of HASSELL;
  • M. Urban Design. GDURP, Grad Cert (SAM), BSc (AES);
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment (attended);
  • Founding member and ex President of the Urban Design Alliance (QLD);
  • ex - Adjunct Professor (Planning) at QUT;
  • AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship; and
  • Chairperson of AIUS (QLD).

Read Andrew's CV...


Place Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUSPlace Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUSWe have delivered to 1252 participants nationally and internationally. 

  • 97% of participants said the course met or exceeded their expectations
  • 98% of participants said the course content was good to excellent
  • 96% of participants found the course relevant to their job
  • 98% of participants would recommend the course to others

"Good introduction to placemaking - industry relevant" Matt McAndrew, Senior Development Manager at Peet Limited, Brisbane 25 July 2012

"Lively and engaging facilitation" Mike Charlton, Councillor, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Brisbane 25 July 2012

"The course content was relevant, contemporary and engaging" Stewart Pentland, Director of Planning & Development, Townsville City Council, Brisbane 25 July 2012

"New material and references and good examples of places I know and did not know" Peter Richards, Director, Deicke Richards, Architecture and Design, Brisbane 25 July 2012

"I got a lot out of it" Steve Dunn, Design Director at Dunn + Moran Landscape Architects, Brisbane 25 July 2012

"Well presented, passionate, enthusiastic and enjoyable" Ron Piper, Project Director - Urban Development at Sunshine Coast Regional Council

More feedback on Linkedin

We have collated the feedback we received on the Urban Design and Placemaking Course we gave at the recent UDIA Placemaking Summit.  You can view the summary in Slideshare.


Participants receive a comprehensive 195 page manual Urban Design and Placemaking Manual, which provides a unique reference and guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. You can preview the first ten pages of the manual in our shop (

Already in it's second revision, this is an uniquely Australian "how to" guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. The manual focuses on the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes.

  1. Urban Design 101: introduces urban design and placemaking by discussing the differences, confirming our shared focus on form and social fabric, and providing clarity on urban design leadership.
  2. Place Principles: a broader context is required when working on cities. As with any human endeavour, our mind set towards our urban environment affects not only our approach but also the results. While this workbook will present concepts, principles and practices which are important, the most critical aspect is how we think of the city.
  3. Place Qualities: most of the cherished and highly valued places in Australia, as well as other parts of the world, share key characteristics or 'Place Qualities'.
  4. Place Typology: The place qualities we appreciate rely on planning and design outcomes at a whole continuum of scale from the building, street and the neighbourhood all the way through to the city and region. We call these ‘Place Typologies’.
  5. Place Process: urban design is about creating a vision for an area and then deploying the skills and resources to realise the vision. This is what we refer to as 'Place Creation'.
  6. Place Roles: explores who delivers deliver the places we like and assist in understanding the process.
  7. Place Tools: outlines the tools utilised in the process of urban design. Used effectively, they can deliver the high quality urban environment that people are increasingly demanding.
  8. Place Outcomes: when we provide, support and foster the characteristics of quality places there are flow on effects for our community.
  9. Best practice, news + journals: additional information not covered in the sections of the manual.

The manual provides a uniquely Australian reference and guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. It explains the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes. Information is provided on over 30 tools which can be used in the process of Place Creation.   Featuring 145 photos of Australian and International places to reinforce key outcomes of each section. It also includes drawings, tables, Australian and International case studies and eight book reviews. This manual has benefited from extensive research with 63 sources referenced. The manual includes short answer questions to reinforce learning as well as a complementary copy of the 20 page Place Check document.

Course reference manual will be invaluable. It covers current best practice urban design thoroughly with many case study examples to demonstrate”. Daniel Herrmann, Melbourne, April 2011


Place Proposal, Place Creation, Melton City Council, NSW, AUSPlace Proposal, Place Creation, Melton City Council, NSW, AUSDownload a copy of our brochures:

Place Platform - bring the client and the consultant team together to create a platform for your Placemaking and urban design project. Efficiently and effectively transitioned from project led to place led.

Placefocus - background on our organisation

Place Creation - three day in-house training course on Placemaking and urban design

Place Immersion - three day walking tour of Australian cities and training course

Place Catalyst - 1-2 hour presentation and facilitated discussion on placemaking and urban design.

Place Launchpad - Targeted training and workshop on placemaking and urban design.

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