People make places. Not consultants. We remind you how.

Australia's most diverse range of training and resources for Placemaking and urban design - since 2009.

Placefocus enables practical application of Placemaking and urban design by providing training and information available for face-to-face and online. 

Call Andrew Hammonds on (+617) 3102 1976 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Place Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUSPlace Proposal Presentation - Townsville, QLD, AUSEnabling your team: Place Creation is our 2 day in-house training workshop from $273 pp.

Empowers colleagues to share knowledge and transfer practice into their roles. A dynamic "in-house" learning experience which also generates Place Proposals.

“I commend this course to all people who wish to improve the quality of our urban places”  Philip Follent LFRAIA, Queensland Government Architect 2008 -11.

Other training options to support your team to deliver organisational outcomes include - Place PlatformThree hour LaunchpadOnline learning for your team

Supurban 2012 Goodwill Bridge Brisbane QLD AUSSupurban 2012 Goodwill Bridge Brisbane QLD AUSLearn on the streets: Place Immersion is our two-day course and study tour in the cities we love from $1,650.

Taking it to the streets... over two days we share 'place skills' on Placemaking and urban design as we walk through streets and places of Australian cities. Enabling you to make the most of the places you influence.

"The Place Immersion workshop helped me to increase the breadth and depth of my knowledge regarding urban design and place making. Consequently I am now about to embark on a place making focused project which will be enhanced by what I learnt during the course”  Tracey O'Connor, Senior Project Officer, Landscape Architecture, Whitehorse City Council.

From project to place: Place Platform is our project initiation workshop. 

We help clients, consultants and stakeholders gain traction to transition from project led to place led. We combine targeted workshops with theory of Placemaking and urban design.

Available anywhere in the worldAvailable anywhere in the worldLearn without time away from work: enrol in our four week online course - $599.00 (plus GST if applicable).

Efficient and interactive training which is available anywhere and anytime  A leading edge, self paced learning experience - group blog and chat room, video presentation, video clips, expert interviews, stimulating images, best practice examples, field study, mental maps... A self paced and interactive learning experience.

"It provides an excellent introduction into place making and urban design principles, and enables you to understand some of the reasons why some places are successful and why others are not." David Jones, KEO International Consultants, United Arab Emirates, online March 2012.


manual cover 2011manual cover 2011All courses include our practical reference to Placemaking + Urban Design, our 183 page Manual: saving $49.00

It provides a uniquely Australian reference and guide to delivering quality places within our urban environment. It explains the key principles, qualities and processes of urban design, drawing upon theory and best practice to illustrate outcomes. Information is provided on over 30 tools which can be used in the process of Place Creation.

"Course reference manual is invaluable. It covers current best practice urban design thoroughly with many case study examples to demonstrateDaniel Herrmann, Melbourne.




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