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Capacity Check

Capacity check is a method of appraising urban design skills.

Character and identity

Townscape and heritage appraisals offer a systematic and structured way of exploiting the unique historical features of an area.

This report, published jointly by CABE and English Heritage in collaboration with Elevate East Lancashire, looks at the use of appraisals on the ground in Pennine Lancashire housing market renewal area. The report will be useful to professionals, elected members and others working in urban regeneration.

Ped Sheds Tech Sheet

How to use walkable catchments ("ped sheds") to show the actual area within a five-minute walking distance from a neighbourhood or town centre.


PRECINX is the next step in green development - a tool that analyses and guides sustainability performance in the planning of neighbourhoods.

Spaceshaper: a user's guide

A practical toolkit for measuring the quality of public space before investing time and money in improving it. Describes a sound process but relies on Spaceshaper facilitators.

The Urban Design Toolkit

The Toolkit supports the implementation of the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol and includes a compendium of tools that can be used to facilitate high-quality urban design.

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