Organisational Placemaking - Innovation and Improvement

Better public places may require organisational innovation and change. We share proven principles, concepts and techniques from business - applied to Placemaking.

Neil St, Toowoomba, QLD, AUS:  Does art need to be in buildings? How can we make it accessible to anyone, for free?Neil St, Toowoomba, QLD, AUS: Does art need to be in buildings? How can we make it accessible to anyone, for free?Written by: Andrew Hammonds

10 Faces of Placemaking

A guide to sustaining a culture of continuous innovation and renewal to support Placemaking.

A more beautiful question

Consider yourself an expert? If so, your thinking might be hindering better Placemaking outcomes.

Shifting Mindsets - the most significant Placemaking tool

Inspired by Idea Entrepreneurs we share the seven tips for shifting a mindset in your organization and apply it to Macgregor Tce - my local centre.

Think like a fool to create better places

Placemaking: understand conventional wisdom, but try the opposite.

How to find your Next Big Thing

We apply the Genome Pattern of the Future to parking and explain why SWOT Analysis might be counter-productive.

Six opportunities to improve our places through prototyping

How internet startups reinforce the value of prototyping for urban design and placemaking.

Who is the urban design superhero at work?

12 tips for maintaining the momentum in urban design and placemaking.

Why low support could turn your vision into great

About to scrap your Placemaking and urban design idea or vision because you can't get support? Think again...

How does your organisation encourage and facilitate innovation? 

We generate discussion in our training courses on Placemaking and urban design. While there are common qualities to the places we like, our own views matter. I started this blog to continue this discussion on-line. The Comments section at the bottom of each article provides the opportunity, so don't be bashful. Particularly if you disagree!

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Written: 10 February, 2016

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Introduction to Placemaking and Urban DesignWhat type of Placemaking is best for your situation?

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